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The Giver by Lois Lowry
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Students write about the Giver:

Shir says:
"I feel about Jonas' world that it's a strange world with unusual rules which everyone has to listen to, and if they don't do all the rules they should leave the community.
I guess that Jonas feels weird with his assignment because he is the Receiver like the last Giver.
I feel that the world of Jonas is really strange. In one way it's smart,but in the other way it's really stupid. It's smar t because everyone is doing the same things without any fights about this.But it's stupid because no one really can describe his feelings.
Or no one can really tell his dream . I think about the Giver that he is really cool. The Giver is very mysterious. Until the end of Chapter 11 Jonas didn't know the Giver's name. The Giver transmitted his memories to Jonas and ten he loses them.I think that maybe after the Giver finishes transmitting his memories to Jonas he will die.Or just disappear from the world."

Arik says:
My feeling about Jonas' world so far is positive, at the start of the story it seemed kind of boring but as you read more you feel more interested. The Giver is very old and smart character,I don't have a lot of stuff to say about him... So far every chapter I'ver read was different from the previous, so I can't really tell what is going to happen. I'd like to say that I would like the idea of living in such a world like been told to us in the book, a world without wars, weather, stealing etc... Living in a community where you know everyboyd and you share your feelings. I'd like to understand more about what is going on in the story,because so far I got only the big idea of it but not all the details."

Alina says:
"For someone who is living in a world which is very different from his world I feel very sorry for him. This kind of world, like Jonas, in my opinion, at least,loses a lot because they are trying to make everyone the same.All their rules are too much and it's very strange that no one except Jonas can ask questions or think about all those weird things.
The fact that they don't have an opinion of their own and don't have any choice, about anything.In addition, the assignments, are special for this strange community,and the fact that they got them at twelve years old for their whole life makes it even worse.
I think Jonas is going to discover a different kind of world that has snow and hills and other things that JOnas doesn't know about earlier.And with all the good things I think he will discover some bad things too,maybe secrets that have been covered
just as all the mystery about release.A new thing we know is that the Giver by transmitting memories to Jonas feels better,and I think it might show us that the Giver's life is even weirder than the whole community's.Maybe he'll go back in age or at least in the way he looks...."

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