Read the chapters before answering the questions.You can answer in your notebooks/send me your answers by email:

1. Describe the old man. Why was the transmittal of the memory of snow so exhausting to him? What does this reveal about the community?
2. What two lessons did Jonas learn about the sun?
3. Why did the Giver appear a little sad at the end of the first day of training?
4. What do you think is the most severe pain?
5. According to The Giver, why did Jonas have to receive and store memories of pain?
6. How did The Giver explain the visual phenomena that Jonas witnessed? What did this reveal about the community?
7. Why did the community give up the ability to see colour?
8. Why was it important for the community to have a person who could “see beyond”?
9. Why did Jonas refer to Gabe as his little brother?
10. Why was The Giver bitter about the Council of Elders?
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1. Why did The Giver apologize to Jonas after sharing the memory of war?
2. Why were Jonas and his father worried about Gabriel’s fretfulness at night?
3. How did Jonas try to solve this problem?
4. List one advantage and one disadvantage of the family unit in Jonas’s community as compared to the family as we know it in our society.
5. How did Jonas’s range of emotions differ from those of his family and friends?
6. How did Jonas react to the children’s war game?